The Friend of God

When Abu Abdullah Salemi was asked how the Friend of God might be recognized among humanity, he said :

By the mildness of his speaking, the grace of his temperament, the youthfulness of his face, his generosity, his contentment of character, his acceptance of all who seek to make amends, and his kindness towards all,
however virtuous or corrupt.

The Nurbakhsh Encyclopedia of Sufi Terminology- Volume 6.

5 Responses to The Friend of God

  1. Ya haqq ,

    Good select , Thanks

  2. Maliha says:

    i feel so far from being such a person :(


  3. Salaam Dear Mahila:
    I too feel far away from such a person. Inshallah, as the years pass, we may get closer.

    And thank you, brother Ismail, fro the kind words.

    Ya Haqq!

  4. saly says:

    Salaam Irving,

    What does “the youthfulness of his face” mean? Can I not try to be God’s friend if I’m old? Just a little perplexed because I too am far from being anything close to this person and feel old too:-(

  5. Salaam Dea Saly:
    The youthful face of a Friend of God does not apply to age. It is the ligth shining in it that gives it the appearance of youth. As in the latest post on the Wali woman who was 59 and had a youthful face also. Perhaps when the cares of this world are forgotten in God, the face loses it’s line and wrinkles of worry.
    Allah knows the truth.

    Ya Haqq!

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